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The Professional Committee of National Outdoor Fitness Equipment holds a preparatory meeting recently


  The Professional Committee of National Outdoor Fitness Equipment (Professional Committee), CSGF held a preparatory meeting at Kunming, Yunnan on July 28. The meeting was presided over by CSGF’s deputy Secretary-General Wen Jia, attended by the secretary-general Luo Jie and another 13 responsible persons from fitness equipment companies.

  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the meaning, goal and schedule of the Professional Committee and preparation of the management documents based on the Rules for Admission into Professional Committee of National Outdoor Fitness Equipment, CSGF (Rules for Admission) as blueprint.

  Mr. Luo Jie first introduced all department rules for establishing the Federation’s branches and CSGF's expectation from the Professional Committee. The deputy GS Wen Jia explained the specific terms and conditions under the Rules for Admission.

  All representatives present believe that the Professional Committee will be important for enhancing the industrial self-discipline of outdoor fitness equipment, normalizing the product standard and strengthening the internal/external communications. They're all in favor of setting up the Professional Committee. At the meeting, enterprises also gave their opinions and suggestions on the name of the Professional Committee, generation method for organizational structure and fund management.

  According to the final resolution, a preparatory work group for the Professional Committee of National Outdoor Fitness, CSGF will be built to revise the management documents regarding the Professional Committee as soon as possible, and submit the setup application to the Federation's council.


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