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Why the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games can bring China's stadium industry into deeper reflection?


  Mr. Euidong Yoo, president of Sports Research Institute, Sports Support Center of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO), Mr. Jong-hun Lee, manager of Industry Technology Promotion Dept. and Ms. Rei Kim from Nexnine came to Beijing on the afternoon of September 6 to have discussions with CSGF. Wen Jia, Deputy General Secretary of CSGF received the visiting group, and both parties conducted friendly exchange regarding the participation in China Sport Show and the prospect of Sino-Korea sporting goods.

  Wen first introduced the history and status quo of CSGF and China Sport Show. Wen said that KSPO and Nexnine are very welcome to visit, and both parties should have deeper connections in industry and exhibition resources. More South Korean enterprises are welcome to China, and CSGF will provide more conveniences and policy supports. For years, the organizing committee has set up South Korean exhibition area in China Sport Show to help the country’s SME in sporting goods expand their business overseas. Wen hopes that KSPO will bring more new categories of enterprises to China Sport Show 2018 and expand South Korea’s participation scale.

  Wen also noted that as China Sport Show 2018 is organized after the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, it might have a lot to learn from South Korea in the post-competition operation and management of large-sized stadium. By then, Wen hopes that KSPO could help invite their experts in stadium operation to the Chinese Stadium Forum held during China Sport Show 2018 at Shanghai, to share their experience and discuss the way of operating large-sized stadium.

  KSPO also provided the relevant information. KSPO, founded in 1989, has always maintained good relationships with the Sports Science Research Institute of General Administration of Sport. According to the South Korean party, they're quite supportive of their enterprises’ engagement in a globally-renowned sporting goods occasion like China Sport Show, which would help the country expand the export scale of their sporting goods enterprises and enhance their overseas marketing capability. For South Korean enterprises, attending CSS is a bridgehead measure for them to enter China market. KSPO will seek government subsidies and send invitations to exhibitors so as to strengthen the all-around cooperation with CSGF.

  The South Korean party takes strong interest in the Sports Industry Document No.46 issued by China State Council in October 2014, and would like to gain further knowledge about China's sports policy, so as to provide targeted support to the manufactures on their native land and deliver more quality products to Chinese consumers. They also hope that a Chinese industry expert could come to South Korea this October to attend the sporting forum and explain China's policy and environment about sports industry.

  This discussion has increased the mutual understanding between CSGF and KSPO, established further connections in industry and enterprise resources and helped them reach the next-step cooperation intention of mutual visit. Taking the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games as an opportunity, the two countries will certainly bring their sports industry exchange to a new height.


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