Sports Industry Will Further Serve the People’s Lives

Release time:2013-06-20

  In 2012 National Sports Chief Working Meeting, Mr. Liu Peng, Minister of General Administration of Sport of China, demanded that sports cause should serve the people’s lives. Recently Mr. Liu Fumin, Director of Finance Department of General Administration of Sport of China, received journalists’ interview, and pointed out that sports industry should further serve the people’s lives in 2013.

  Journalists: How did sports industry serve the people’s lives?

  Mr. Liu Fumin: Sports are not only movements and events, bus also people’s lifestyles. Sports industry is related with people’s lives. Chinese government put forward the concepts of Adjust the Structure, Keep the Growth, and Increase Domestic Market Demands. Quickly developing sports industry is the sunrise industry of adjusting the structure and boosting consumption.

  Sports cause serves the people’s lives, which not only attracts Chinese government’ s attention, but also becomes the developing trend of sports industry. In 2013, we will further carry out National Fitness Regulations and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Basic Public Service System in the following ways:

  Firstly, we will strengthen the construction of sports facilities. With the guidance of sports lottery fund, local governments and social forces are led to invest in sports facility construction in communities and rural areas. We will support sports facility construction in Middle and West China and guide local governments to set up outdoor fitness facilities according to their own situations.

  Secondly, we will strengthen the application of sports venues. We will help sports venues to open up to the public, together with other related ministries formulate policies about the management of sports venues, and cooperate with Ministry of Education to formulate policies about opening up schools’ venues to the public.

  Thirdly, we will well organize sports games to meet people’s demands of appreciating high-level games.

  Fourthly, we will try to get financial support from state revenue and establish public sports service fund. In this way we will provide financial guarantee mechanism for public sports service.

  Fifthly, on the basis of Opinions of the Implementation of Encouraging and Guiding Social Capitals to Invest in Sports Industry released by General Administration of Sport of China in 2012, we will urge the related departments to carry out the Opinions and guide social capitals to invest in sports service field.

  In a word, we will further improve public sports service system and serve the people’s lives by developing sports industry.

  Journalists: With this in mind, how do you perfect sports industry policies?

  Mr. Liu Fumin: Guiding Opinions of Speeding up Sports Industry released by General Office of the State Council in 2010 provides policy support for the development of sports industry. So are the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Sports Industry released by General Administration of Sport of China in 2011 and the Development Plan for Service Industry (2011-2015) released by the State Council in 2012.

  We are urging local governments to carry out the policies. Among 31 provinces, 16 have released their own Guiding Opinions and 12 are drafting their plans. 8 provinces including Beijing, Jiangsu, Fujian and so on establish Provincial Guiding Fund for Sports Industry. 25 formulate their own Development Plans for Sports Industry.

  Next, on one hand, we should enhance people’s level of awareness and make sports workers at the grassroots level realize the importance of sports industry for the transformation of development ways, the adjustment of structure and the service for people’s lives. On the other hand, we should monitor the implementation of the related policies. Meanwhile, we hope to guide more social capitals to sports industry. We will make innovations and perfect policies during practices.

  Journalists: Standards are the strategic high ground. How do you develop the related standards?

  Mr. Liu Fumin: Standards are very important, but different countries have different standards. For example, American sporting goods standards are not suitable with Chinese enterprises. To develop sports industry, we need formulate the related standards.

  Recently, General Administration of Sport of China has paid much attention to sports standards and released 33 national standards about equipment, venues and facilities. There still are 22 national standards to be proved by National Standards Committee. Although we have formulated a few standards, our standard work still cannot meet the demands of sports industry.

  Next, we will further implement Mr. Liu Peng’s opinions. While developing sports standards, we will make sports serve the people’s lives. On one hand, we will strengthen the management of large sports venues, formulate the standards about the public service of sports venues and the evaluation system of venue operation, and improve the service level of sports venues according to the Opinions of the State Council. On the other hand, we will meet the requirements of National Fitness Regulations about the administrative license of managing dangerous sports, revise the related standards, and promote the development of the related enterprises.


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