Anta Targeting Rio Olympics Cycle with Cross-border Marketing

Release time:2013-06-22

  Having gone through 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics, the Olympic marketing of sporting goods industry is slowly changing. The “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance” jointed initiated by Anta Sporting Goods Company, Chinese Olympic Committee, Champion Fund and Samaranch Sports Development Foundation, kicked off in Beijing on January 19, 2013.

  During the past year, the sporting goods market in China was weak, but Anta had many goods news including renewal of agreement with Chinese Olympic Committee.

  “Government + Enterprises + NGO”

  The highlight of “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance”is that the “Government + Enterprises + NGO” partnership formed by these influential participants will maximize the value of sports welfare cause.

  On the Championship Forum before the launch of “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance”, Ding Shizhong, CEO of Anta, delivered a keynote speech: Social Responsibilities of Enterprises in Promoting Sports Development in China.

  As a partner of Chinese Olympic Committee, Anta has integrated the Olympic spirit into its own development during the past years. From 2009 to 2012, Anta invested a lot in Olympic movement and sport for all, supporting many activities such as “National Fitness Day”, “Olympic Day Run”, etc.

  Each partner of the “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance” has made big contributionsto the sports cause in China. This alliance is a high-level and cross-domain cooperation platform for sports public welfare, which will be committed to promoting the Olympic Movement and sports welfare development in China and aims to become Chinese most influential sports welfare platform.

  Anta has always supported the sports development in China and organized a series of public welfare projects. The forming of this alliance shows Anta wants to undertake more social responsibilities and attract more resources in this regard.

  Emphasis on Public Welfare

  As the first activity after the launch of “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance”, the Championship Forum attracted hundreds of participants from governments, enterprises, non-profit organizations, the press and several Olympic champions. In-depth discussions were centered on the theme of "Sports and Social Responsibility".

  During the marketing battle around 2012 London Olympics, Anta successfully applied a strategy of cross-border marketing. With “champion dragon apparel” as a link, Anta carried out a large-scale, comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with IOC partners McDonalds and Procter & Gamble, and Chinese Olympic Committee partners Erie, Hilton and Fortune.

  Apparently, Anta is not satisfied with only staged event marketing, but focus on more sustainable public welfare platform. The launch of “Olympic Public Welfare Alliance” immediately attracted attention of the major media. Within the Rio Olympic cycle, there will be at least 10 international major sporting events, during which the public welfare platform will play an important role in brand promotion.

  In fact, Antas efforts have yielded some good results. In 2012, the domestic sporting goods brands faced a difficult situation and international brands also reported a drop in both revenues and profits. However, since October of 2012, Antas stock price began to rebound, and brokerages and investment banks remained positive about its future. The strong performance in capital market demonstrates its rising brand influence. “As a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, the resources Anta gains are unique and exclusive.” analyzed by Zhang Qing, well-known sports marketing expert.


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