Peak Group Focusing on both Domestic and Overseas Markets

Release time:2013-06-27

  “After 20 years efforts, Peak Group is approaching its dream of creating an international brand Peak will gather more global resources and try to bring this brand to international level.” said Xu Jingnan, Chairman of the Board of Peak Group.

  In Quanzhou of Fujian province, Peak is well known as “the first brand of basketball equipment in China”. In 2012, Peak was successfully listed on the “Chinese Brand Value Top 50” for the fourth consecutive year.

  Looking forward to the year of 2013, Xu Jingnan summarizes his prospects as “one + two + three”. “One” means one goal: creating an international brand. “Two” means two goals: exploring overseas markets and enhancing domestic market share. “Three” means three important agreements with German Basketball Association, New Zealand Olympic Committee and NBA star Tony Parker. Among these, “one + two”are the spirit and guideline, while the “Three” is the foundation for realizing “one + two” and also the priority of Peak Group in 2013.

  “Germany is strong in basketball sport. The sporting goods industry is also developed there. Surprisingly, not long ago, the German Basketball Association came to Quanzhou to seek cooperation with Peak.” Xu Jingnan added. According to their agreement, Peak will provide sponsorship for mens basketball, womens basketball and youth team of German Basketball Association, including competitions, training apparel and related equipment. In return, German Basketball Association will utilize its influence in Europe and actively promote the Peak brand, in an effort to make Peak a famous sports brand in Europe.

  Just after 2013 New Years Day, New Zealand Olympic Committee decided to renew its agreement with Peak, which means Peak will officially launch the 2016 Olympic marketing. After reaching agreement with New Zealand Olympic Committee, sales of Peak in New Zealand obviously improved. The renewal of agreement will help promote Peaks Olympic development plan and further expand Peaks market share in New Zealand.

  In addition, Peak took an important step in the plan of enhancing brand influence by signing NBA stars. NBA super star Tony Parker officially joined Peak team and become a global ambassador of Peak. Till now, ambassadors of Peak from NBA have amounted to 17.

  The above three agreements have enriched Peaks global resources. The partners of Peak have upgraded from small and medium-sized countries to sports powers. While exploring overseas market, Peak also attaches great importance to domestic market. Xu Jingnan intends to explore overseas market based on achievements at home and drive domestic sales with global resources. Peak will establish a department of Terminal Retail Management this year, promoting the 7thgeneration stores and ensuring group strategies and tactics better reflected at terminals through personnel training and formulation of standards.


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