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The Cheerful Prospects of the Development of Chinese Women Sports Market


  According to sports research firm Repucom, during 2011 to 2014, women’s football attracts more attention from 16% to 21%, more than 200 countries broadcast at least one match and sponsors invest more than before. Total rewards increased from 100 million US dollar to 136 million US dollar.

  Take the example of FIFA Women's World Cup, the whole women’s market is absolutely valuable. NIKE, UA, Adidas and other international brands focus and invest more on this market. Chinese sports brands should also pay attention to this potential market as well.

  The Reason Why Chinese Brands do not Pay Attention to Women’s Market

  First of all, women’s level of professional sports is quite far away from men’s, the investment of commercial packaging may not be returned very soon, in another word, the return may be negative for a long term. So sponsors hesitate to invest which creates a vicious cycle.

  Second, traditional culture makes people connect sports with men. Sports are simply regarded as competition sports, women are regarded as grace and intelligence rather than sports that are very sexy lacked. Under this culture, most companies are not comfortable and adaptive to invest in women’s market.

  Last but not the least, domestic companies over emphasis on competitive sports rather than women specific professional sports market.

  The Potential of Women Sports Market

  Repucom issued a report about women’s sports before, it is growing globally and the role of women sports is more and more important. By taking the sample of Americans age from 30 to 49, women spend 188 US dollars annually on sports equipment, while men’s spending is $178. Through the data we can see that non-competition women sports market demand is larger than men’s.

  Besides, the value created by professional women sports like Yoga is considerably huge. Lululemon is famous in Yoga brands, its annual sales per square meter is $20,800, just next to Apple store and Tiffany’s. Nike and Adidas strongly taking the market share after then. Maybe Chinese brands should also take the advantage and develop some featured products to make profits.

  The consumer base is hug in China, except competitive sports, casual women’s sports goods are with great potential that can be developed deeply. International brands already started to develop this particular market and it is time for Chinese brands to do something. Mike Regh, Deputy President of Repucom said that women’s sports will be developed fast and many international brands saw this opportunities and potential profits. Chinese brands should also focus on taking some market share.

  (Source:Yutang Sports)


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