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Kailas is a climbing apparel and equipment company founded in 2003, widely recognized as the most innovative and technical outdoor company in China. We are committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with ultralight products that help them climb higher, run faster and trek further. Many of our products have won important awards, such as ISPO Award and Europe Outdoor Industry Award.
Kailas shares its passion for the outdoors with climbing communities by proudly partnering with IFSC, Tokyo Mountaineering Federation, Sport Climbing Australia, Chinese Mountaineering Association, and Chinese Climbing Team. Since our founding, we initiated a series of programs to promote mountaineering and climbing which include Yangshuo Climbing Festival, Unclimbed Peak, and Rock Searching. 
We are rock-solid in promoting climbing and mountaineering worldwide, creating a better future for people in the great outdoors.
Recommended Products:
1.Dragonfly Cuben Tent 2P

●Innovative Dyneema® composite fabric makes for an extremely lightweight yet supremely strong tent which weighs merely 0.71kg
●One and half layer construction is lightweight, simple yet sophisticate
●Industry-leading hot press splicing technology
●Magnetic entrances allow easy manipulation
●Dual entrances ensure flexible entry/exit and excellent ventilation
Type: Lightweight 4-season tent for trekking
Capacity: 2-person
Fly: Dyneema® composite fabric, 10000mm PU coating
Inner tent: 15D breathable fabric and breathable mesh
Floor: 40D Nylon, 2000mm PU coating
Poles: DAC pole (diameter 8.5mm)
Stakes: DAC J-stake
Minimal weight : 0.77kg
2. X3II Alpine Tent KT130010

●Highly rip-stop fabric and 4 DAC poles ensure stability even in harsh weather
●Guylines with a core made of high-tenacity PE fibers are stronger than regular guylines and provide extra stability to the tent 
●Dual entrances ensure flexible entry/exit
●Vent can be closed inside the tent to prevent snow from entering 
●Dual vestibules provide enough space for gear storage 
●Snow skirt provides withstand wind and keep you warm in harsh weather
Capacity: 3-4 person
Fly: 50D polyester fabric, 2000mm PU coating
Inner tent: Breathable fabric+ mesh
Floor: 70D nylon, 10000mm PU coating
Poles: DAC aluminum alloy poles (Diameter:9.5mm)
Stakes: Y-shaped stakes(upon request), steel stakes(upon request), snow stakes(upon request)
Minimum weight: 4.68kg
Recommended Use: Extreme conditions, alpine, polar region
Contact: Sarah He
Tel: +86-20-22139933 EXT 8187
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