Artificial Turf Committee
On May 22, Jie LUO, the Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CSGF, Ni JIAO, Assistant Secretary General of CSGF, and Chao GUO, Secretary of the committee, visited Jiangsu WMGRASS Co., Ltd., including its headquarter, the artificial turf production line and the tracks factory. During the discussion, the two parties exchanged views and suggestions on the new trend of the industry development, new opportunities for the company development, future work of the committee, participation in the China Sport Show and China International Sport Service and Equipment Fair.

On May 21, a work meeting among the chairs was held. The meeting made clear about the focus for the committee, such as grouping management, facilitating member recruitment, conducting industry research, intensifying cooperation with CSC, and fostering more media coverage.

During China Sport Show in May, the secretariat of the committee selected 18 from more than 170 sports flooring companies to conduct interviews and surveys, covering satisfaction ratings, work suggestions, future work plans of the committee, and participation concerns of China Sport Show. Besides, member recruitment activities were undertaken during the whole period, and there were 3 companies interested in joining.

On May 18, 2021 China Sports Venues and Facilities Forum - China Artificial Grass Industry Salon sponsored by CSGF, organized by the committee, and supported by Sports Flooring Committee was held during China Sport Show. The theme was "Policy, Capital, Globalization - the future opportunity of artificial grass industry", which has been positively responded and recognized by members, and the influence of the committee in the industry has been continuously expanded.

On March 11, in order to foster collaboration amongst committees, a retreat was held. The members of the committee, together with those of Sports Flooring Committee and School Physical Education Committee were invited. They unanimously agreed to work on technical training and expert database sharing.
At the end of February, the annual committee meeting was held by collecting written consent, the list of the new rotating chairman and vice chairmen for 2020-2021 was announced, the accounts for relating activities were reported. The committee has approved the work report and accounts for 2020, and the work plan for 2021.

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