About Outdoor Industry Committee

Outdoor Industry Committee is a branch of China Sporting Goods Federation. It is a national and non-profit industrial organization composed by companies, organizations or individuals engaged in research, development, manufacturing, services of outdoor industry technology and products on voluntary basis.
Our Aims:
▪  To promote Chinese outdoor industry.
▪  To provide service for the members and for the government as a communication platform.
▪  To advocate the members to abide by Constitution, laws, regulations and policies and the social morals.
▪  To carry out industry policies, to perform the functions entrusted by the government, and to assist on management of the industry.
▪  To establish the self-discipline mechanism of the industry and to ensure the rights and interests of the members.
▪  To communicate with international counterparts, industry organizations and experts in name of Chinese outdoor industry for co-operation and information sharing.
At present, OIC has carried out project and work such as standard revision, industry training, forums and workshops, contests, survey and so on.

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