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Zhejiang Deermaple Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in develop and produce the high quality and innovating camping cooking products for outdoor mountaineering expedition to your weekend trip.
Started from 2003,we’ve been manufacturing the camping stove & cookware for overseas brands and the products were widely export to Asia,Europe,American and other market. With nearly 17 years producing experience and the passion for develop better outdoor gear, we presented full production line of camping cooking range, we’ve also expand our production to lightweight waterproof backpack and folding table & Chair.
Innovation is the engine that has guided us through this adventure of creating something new.
we have our own R&D team whom professional in different fields with strong development ability; With modern automatic production line and 45000sqm production workshop, our montly production capacity reach to more than 300,000 units.
All of our stoves have CE certificate approval by Intertek,cookware and tableware are FDA & LFGB aproval by SGS. Factory have ISO9001:2008 & BSCI Audit. Welcome to contact with us for OEM and ODM business.
Recommended Products:
1. Camping Stove
The camping stove dsign is very neat,Ultra-light and compact design with only 88g.
Support range reach to 107mm can handle the large pot,it foldable pot supports allow for easy storage and use of pots and pans.
Burner with concave type provide quick flame which can withstand wind very well.
The built-in piezo igniter inside the burner is for simplicity of the design.
High heat output 10,000BTU and smooth spindle valve control would be easy for boiling or simmering.

2. Camping Cookware
Camping Cookware made by the light-weight aluminum and the whole set included 2 pots &1 frypan, suitable for 2-4 person.
Hard-anodized aluminum enhance the pot hardness, easy-clean and corrosion-free for outdoor cooking.
Easy compact packed into mesh bag.
Removable aluminum pot holder, also can fit another 2 pots of this set. More flexible and easy to use in accordance with different needs.
This outdoor cookware set is multi functional, perfect for backpacking,camping,hunting,hiking, trekking and mountaineering.
3. Camping Cooking System
The feature of this camping cooking system is all the parts can be put inside the pot and then put in your backpack for any trip.
This stove includes a 1.0L pot ,locking pot support,fuel canister stand,and it can put a 230g gas cartridge inside .(not included gas canister).
Push-to start piezo igniter which makes it’s very easy to start.
The flame guard design offers wind-resistant function to save fuel.
Precision valve provide smooth operation and reliable.
PC lid with silicon knob is the safe material to human body.
The extra locking pot support allows for using of traditional pots and pans with burner.
It takes 3`05`` to boil 1L water.

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