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Prospect of China Sports Venues and Facilities Forum 2018

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Looking forward to China Sports Venues and Facilities Forum 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Forum), we can see that it has the same mission and goal with the one of 2017- it will continue to find solutions for social public hot issues, explore the industry's new business and development directions, explore the rapid development direction of China’s sports venues industry in the commercial road, to provide a new perspective for stadium owners, operators, engineering agents, material suppliers and so on, and to seek communication and interaction between government, business and industry-related institutions. Therefore, guests of the Forum will continue to cover the entire industrial chain of venues and facilities and the construction business. The Forum will actively build the face-to-face communication platform for enterprises, experts and related government departments and institutions to discuss together topics and problems in the industry.

In terms of the content of the Forum, the Forum will be divided into three major sections: sports chemical industry, artificial grass and operation of large-scale event. The core content of the three major sections will be collected firstly from hot news and sensitive topics in the industry happened between the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018. In a long future, the three subdivision areas of sports chemical industry, artificial grass and operation of large-scale event will be the three major perspectives to influence the Chinese venues and facilities industry.

Therefore, the above three perspectives constitute the three major sections of the Forum.

Changes in sports venues and facilities industry make us, who live in such an era, constantly come up with new ideas. In an era of fundamental material revolution, the innovation of the entity industry driven by fundamental materials reform will become a more grounded direction, and will become a new phenomenon attracting global attention. China’s traditional materials industry urgently needs to be upgraded and reformed to meet the development needs of the time.

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