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Series of forums of the corresponding period focus on diversified topics

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  In addition to the industry summit, China Sport Show also held industry segment forums ranging from China Sports Venues and Facilities Forum, China Youth Sports Development Communication Event to Chinese National Fitness Equipment and Facilities Communication Event and China Fitness Career Development Forum, focusing more on precision and innovation and covering a wider scope of topics, while making sure the forum frequencies over the years, with continuous focus on current topics including youth sports, stadium facilities, public fitness and gymnasium coach's career development. In these series of forums, some industry achievements, such as the Youth Sports Promotion Program, Safety for Fence Facilities of Cage-football—General Requirements, Group Standards for the 2nd-Generation Outdoor National Fitness Equipment and Career Development Report on China Fitness Coach 2018, have also become a highlight of this year's event.

  China Youth Sports Development Communication Event, one of the forums above, is co-sponsored by CSGF and the Youth Sports Dept.of General Administration of Sport of China. One of the guest speakers, Feng Lianshi, Deputy Director of the Sports Science Institute of General Administration of Sport, pointed out that insufficient physical exercise is the main cause and has posed a serious threat to the healthy growth of young people. Therefore, it is imperative to encourage their participation in sports and train their exercise habit. As one of the drafting members of the Youth Sports Promotion Program, Xiao Linpeng gave a concrete explanation of the purpose, significance, content and highlights of this program, and revealed the directions that need to be focused on in view of implementation of the program, including launching extensively youth sports activities, intensifying juvenile sports organization, coordinating and improving the construction of youth sports venues, strengthening youth sports skills training, and promoting the construction of youth sports instructors. As a strong force to popularize youth sports, CSGF has continuously explored new ideas and achieved remarkable results in recent years. As Mr. Wang Liwei, Director of the Youth Sports Dept. of General Administration of Sport, has pointed out, "Without robust youth sports, the sports consumer market will lose its stamina". Youth sports is the foundation of the sports industry and requires the whole society to work together. According to the data released by Chinese National Fitness Equipment and Facilities Communication Event, among the current infrastructure construction results, the national administrative village coverage reaches 80%, the number of national fitness venue is 1.957 million, the number of farmers physical fitness project is 570,000, and the per capita sports area reaches 1.63m2.

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