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Introduction to China Sporting Goods Industry Summit.

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  China Sporting Goods Industry Summit was created by China Sporting Goods Federation (“CSGF” for short). As a brand event in the new stage of China International Sporting Goods Show (“China Sport Show” for short), the Summit has become a “bellwether in considering sporting goods industry” since 2013, accompanying China’s sporting goods industry in the past five years and making great efforts to move forward in spite of all the hardships and setbacks.

  Over the five years, China Sporting Goods Industry Summit has witnessed the pain in the “winter period”, the exploration in the “recovery period”, and the enterprising spirit in returning to the track of growth. Moreover, the Summit also functions as a thinker, pooling insights of all parties in the industry and fulfilling the purpose of China Sport Show – “Serve both exhibitors and China’s sporting goods industry” – in a unique way.

  In the context of entering a new stage of development and playing a role as a new source of growth in economy, the sporting goods industry ushers in “a new golden decade”. Huge market space has been created through policy support, consumers’ participation in sports and the concept of sports consumption upgrade. However, the industry has also been required to transform and upgrade towards a high-end manufacturing and service industry, which entitles a new historical responsibility to the Summit.

  Just as the keyword of 2017 – “Upgrade”, the Summit will kick off its own upgrade. The brand-new “4+N” forum matrix will be a more focused one, gathering industry pioneers and leaders and further giving voice of the whole industry.

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