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Mr.Lui Fumin make a speech on China Youth Sports Forum 2017

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  刘扶民 国家体育总局青少年体育司司长

  Seize the Theme of Reform and Development, and Jointly Usher in the New Situation of Adolescent Sports

  Liu Fumin, Director of the Department of Adolescent Sports of General Administration of Sport of China


  Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, media friends, good afternoon!


  It is a pleasure to participate in China Adolescent Sports Development Exchange Meeting 2017. First of all, on behalf of the Department of Adolescent Sports of General Administration of Sport of China, I would like to extend warm welcome to representatives and guests at present. Thank you for constantly caring for and supporting to China’s adolescent sports cause! Congratulations on the adolescent sports exchange activities held for the first time at China International Sporting Goods Show! At the beginning of this summer, we gather here to negotiate adolescent sports development, which is of great significance.


  Adolescents are the future of the nation. In February 2017, when investigating preparations for the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the saying that “if the young are strong and the sports are powerful, then China will be strong”. He stressed the great significance of adolescent sports from the perspective of China dream of realizing Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation and greatly inspired us. As stipulated in Several Opinions on Accelerating Sports Industry Development and Promoting Sports Consumption, which was promulgated by the State Council in 2014, efforts must be made to help adolescents cultivate sports hobbies and master more than one sports skills, ensuring that students’ indulging in sports activities for at least one hour each day on campus. The potential in sports industry development among adolescents is thus revealed. Adolescents are a source of vitality for sports and even social economic development. Physically and mentally healthy adolescents reflect exuberant vitality of a nation.


  “Sports help cultivate complete personalities.” Adolescence is a crucial stage for a person’s physical and mental development. Physical exercise can not only improve adolescents’ physical health but also develop their intelligence, enhance willpower and nurture characters. It is of irreplaceable importance in terms of forming a healthy lifestyle, cultivating the good habit of lifelong physical exercises, and constructing correct outlooks on life, values and health. It is a significant way of realizing physical and mental health and thorough development of adolescents and has to do with personal healthy growth and happy life as well as the whole nation’s health quality and talent cultivation quality.


  The Party and the state attach great importance to adolescents’ physical and health growth. The Outline of the “13th Five-Year Plan” of China stipulates that we should implement adolescent sports activities promotion plans, cultivate adolescents’ sports hobbies and sporting skills, promote soccer, basketball, volleyball, skiing and other sports, and improve youth physical health monitoring system. “Health China 2030” Planning Outline deems adolescents as a key group for improving national physical quality and proposes specific goals and requirements on promoting adolescents’ sports activities. National Medium and Long-term Youth Development Plan (2016-2025) emphasizes youth physical health improvement project as a key project and encourages youth to engage in physical exercises and improve physical quality, so that insisting on physical exercises will become youth lifestyle and fashion. Thanks to the great importance attached to adolescent sports by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, this cause has been granted major development opportunities.


  Opportunities coexist with challenges, and adolescent sports cause is also confronted with enormous challenges. Along with the deep reform in economic system and profound changes in social structure of China, sport development environment is also undergoing major changes. Owing to transformation in governmental functions, innovation in social governance system, upgrade of resident consumption structure and comprehensively furthering reform in sports sector, all have put forward new requirements on adolescent sports. Currently, adolescent sports cause still faces many difficulties and issues. First, social forces haven’t been fully mobilized to participate in adolescent sports. Owing to the lack of effective supply, increasing adolescent sports demands cannot be met. Second, weak links and prominent issues having restrained the development of adolescent sports cause for a long time remain unsettled, and system and mechanism constraints have long existed. Third, external development environment is not yet optimistic, and the atmosphere of social support to, trust in and understanding of adolescent sports cause needs improvement. Fourth, adolescent sports policies and regulations are relatively backward, and current policies are not sufficiently implemented while the total input in adolescent sports is not enough. The task of improving adolescent sports governance system and innovating adolescent sports development mode remains huge.


  Reform and innovation serves as powerful impetus for the development of sports cause. Facing opportunities and challenges, adolescent sports has to rely on reform and innovation in order to fully accelerate development, improve development quality and benefits, and continually meet extensive youth’s rapidly increasing sports demands during the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Director Gou Zhongwen pointed out at the Sports Cross-Boundary Joint Meeting of the 5th Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee that reform would be the main theme of Chinese sports’ future development. Facilitating reform and innovation in adolescent sports is not only a major task of implementing comprehensively furthering reform in sports sector but also an inevitable path to promoting sustainable healthy development of adolescent sports. We should think out of the box, stick to the problem-oriented approach, actively change systems and mechanisms not matching adolescent sports development trend, extensively absorb beneficial local and social experience, and innovate and better adolescent sports working mechanisms and modes.


  We should adhere to the people-oriented principle and take promoting adolescents’ physical and mental health as the fundamental goal of adolescent sports reform and development, so as to help develop the pattern of government providing public service and market meeting diversified demands, continually improve basic guarantee for adolescents to participate in physical exercises, continually narrow urban-rural gap and regional gap in terms of adolescent sports public services, increase the number of sports items entering countryside, expand the popularization coverage of adolescent sports items in rural area, actively guide adolescent sports demands and support development of relevant industries, fully deploy social and market resources, continually enrich adolescent sports public service supply, enhance adolescents’ sense of gain, and share achievements of sports reform and development with extensive adolescents.


  We should cope with the major trend of socializing adolescent sports. We should consistently be open-minded when dealing with adolescent sports, have consummate social forces in place for implementation of relevant systems and industrial supervision mechanisms concerning adolescent sports events, facilitate orderly flow of the right to host events and activities, guide benign competitions, and develop the mode of holding adolescent sports events and activities relying on social forces and governmental service supervision. We should expand channels of selecting and cultivating adolescent sports reserve talents, gradually explore the combination of in-system cultivation and social cultivation modes, and develop the mode of diversified cultivation of reserve talents involving sports schools, general schools and the society. We should release competing restraints and make competing channels smoothly available, thus providing adolescents from within and without the system who are on and off campus with an integrated platform for pleasant competing.


  We should vigorously create the social and political environment in favor of the development of adolescent sports cause. We should strengthen top-level design, improve safeguard measures, give play to family-school-community linkage effect, and develop the adolescent sports development pattern featuring powerful government guidance, smooth partial coordination and enhanced social vitality. We should establish an open and interactive adolescent sports publicity and exchange mechanism, thoroughly and deeply introduce development achievements, difficulties and reform thoughts of adolescent sports from multiple channels, levels and perspectives, extensively listen to advice on adolescent sports, enable extensive youth, parents and all walks of life to have a greater sense of participation in the reform and development of adolescent sports, and urge the whole society to better understand and support adolescent sports cause.


  Ladies and gentlemen, friends, at the new historical starting point, deepening reform in sports has taken a solid step. We should avail ourselves of the good opportunity and jointly advance adolescent sports to a higher level so as to benefit more adolescents. Here, I would like to share some preliminary thoughts with you.



  First, we should energetically develop social organizations of adolescent sports.

  Social organizations of adolescent sports serve as important forces advancing the development of adolescent sports. We should strengthen policy researches designed to promote rapid development of social organizations of adolescent sports, emphasize guidance of and support to grass-root social organizations of adolescent sports, and contribute to the establishment of a best-selling mechanism featuring diversified themes and multi-channel support to the development of social organizations of adolescent sports. We should actively promote standardized development of social organizations of adolescent sports from place to place so that they can undertake government functions, provide public services in adolescent sports sector and implement industrial self-discipline. We should guide local sports departments to support development of such organizations by purchasing their services.



  Second, we should strengthen construction of bodybuilding venues and facilities suitable to adolescents.

  Sports venues and facilities targeting adolescents is a foundation for adolescents to participate in physical exercises. We should continually urge school stadiums to open to the society, and make public sports facilities available to adolescents free of charge or in a preferential manner in certain time periods, so that public sports facilities can benefit more adolescents. We should encourage construction of off-campus adolescent sports center and outdoor adolescent sports venues, and guide the construction of a batch of such centers and sports venues with appropriate scale which are suitable to the class and complete in supporting functions.



  Third, we should cultivate adolescent sports events brands.

  Brands are core resources of an industry. Adolescent sports events brands can guide the development of adolescent events. We should give full rein to the demonstration effect of National Youth “Future Star” Sunshine Sports Games, reform holding modes, introduce the market-oriented mechanism, make full use of social resources, and strengthen the important brand of Youth Sunshine Sports Games. We should earnestly cultivate traditional sports events such as National Sports Traditional Programs School Events, National Adolescent Sports Club Events and National Adolescent Outdoor Sports Venues Summer (Winter) Camp. We should reform and innovate events holding modes, organize national youth individual-event league matches, develop multi-level events system as per state, province (district, city) and municipality, and form the events holding mode of coordination between government, society and market, so as to develop an integrated grand platform of adolescent sports extensively involving all walks of life. We expect more social forces to enter adolescent sports events sector and more adolescent sports events brands to excel.



  Fourth, we should cultivate a qualified adolescent fitness instruction team.

  Adolescent fitness instructors are important forces serving adolescents in the process of physical exercises. We should continually implement national sports traditional events school sports faculty training plans and grass-root coach training plans, strengthen cultivation of adolescent sports administrative staff, and comprehensively improve business levels of sports instruction teams at all levels and of all sorts. We should build an adolescent sports instructor team, develop a complete system of social sports instructors (adolescents), encourage talents to obtain the qualification as social sports instructors (adolescents) through training and then conduct supporting services, researches and formulate industry-oriented adolescent sports instructor practicing regulations and competence standards, and guide personnel specializing in adolescent sports skills training to conform to regulations and continually improve guidance ability so as to better serve adolescents.



  Fifth, we should build adolescent sports culture with rich connotation.

  Implementing the important idea of “China will be strong if the young are strong”, and with the goal of cultivating adolescents’ life-long bodybuilding habits, we should promote the concept of actively participating in physical exercises in the whole process of holding adolescent sports events, so as to combine the cultivation of adolescents’ bodybuilding habits into all links of adolescent events and help extensive adolescents adopt physical exercises as a good lifestyle.


  We should vigorously advocate the Chinese sports spirit with the core of patriotism among adolescents, carry out Olympic cultural education, and inherit and promote national traditional sports. Excellent athletes and coaches should be encouraged to enter campus and communities to popularize knowledge on sports events, illustrate sports rules and standards, and publicize sports events culture and sports gift culture. By means of sports interconnection and other new technologies, we should explore and advertise fresh examples of adolescent fitness and develop a social atmosphere inspiring adolescents to participate in physical exercises.


  Ladies and gentlemen, friends! As the old saying goes, “small steps accumulate into large distance”. We should keep up with the good efforts in participation in order to realize the wonderful prospect of adolescent sports cause. We sincerely hope that friends in all walks of life and all forces can give play to their respective strengths and integrate relevant resources, thus jointly implementing this cause in a sound manner and continually making new achievements and benefiting adolescents. Let’s jointly usher in a new future!


  Finally, wish this exchange conference a complete success. Thank you!

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