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New Chair Elected during the GA of CSGF Roller-Skating & Skateboard Committee

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The second General Assembly of the Roller-Skating & Skateboard Committee (hereinafter referred to the committee) of China Sporting Goods Federation was held in Beijing. Wei Yong, the Director of the General Department and Anti-Doping Department of the Social Sports Guidance Center of General Administration of Sport of China, and Wen Jia, Deputy Secretary General of CSGF, attended the meeting. The representatives from 16 member companies of the committee participated.
Election of new chairs carried out during the meeting. Du Yongbin, president of Huizhou Jiecheng Sports Devices and Materials Co.,Ltd. was elected as chair. Wen Siyuan, president of Guangzhou Mountain Lion Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., Qian Zhiyu, president of Jiangsu Yaozhang Sports Goods Co., Ltd., and Gu Weifeng, president of SEBA (Shanghai) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., and Wang Jianzhong, president of Zhonghualian (Zhejiang) Sports Development Co., Ltd, were elected as vice chairs. Guo Chao, senior manager of the Member Development Department of CSGF, serves as the chief secretary of the committee. Shen Dexin, CEO of WISSC.net, serves as deputy secretary general of the committee.
The purpose of the committee is to improve member services, increase member recruitment, provide a platform for the healthy integration of roller skating into schools, standardize products and services of roller skating and skateboarding, organize industry forums, promote public welfare activities, and encourage growth and innovation in the roller skating and skateboarding industry.
Wen Jia emphasized the importance of roller skating and skateboarding as major sports categories that CSGF has been focusing on for a long time. The secretariat of CSGF is committed to giving more attention and support to the work of the committee. They hope that the new leadership team of the committee will be able to promote the development of the industry more effectively under the guidance of relevant policies.

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