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The First China Youth Sports Industry Conference Concluded with Success

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On May 25, the "2024 First China Youth Sports Industry Conference" hosted by the China Sporting Goods Federation and organized by CSGF Youth Sports Equipment and Services Committee, was successfully held in Chengdu.
You Peina, the director of the General Department of Youth Sports of the General Administration of Sport of China, delivered a speech. She expressed her sincere hope that the majority of practitioners, experts and scholars in the youth sports industry will continue to care for and invest in youth sports, and seize the opportunities for the reform and development of youth sports.
Li Hua, chair of China Sporting Goods Federation, stated that CSGF is committed to promoting the development of the sporting goods industry, and will actively play a bridging role to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with all parties, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the youth sports industry.
Yue, Lisheng, Director of the Youth Sports Department of Chengdu Sports Bureau, said that the Chengdu Sports Bureau will continue to support the development of the youth sports industry, and work together to create a better sports development environment for young people, and contribute Chengdu's strength to the development of the national youth sports industry.
In the keynote speech session, five experts gave speeches on four topics, namely the integration of sports and education, the development of the youth sports training/basketball event industry in 2023, the creation of a successful youth sports event IP, the operation of physical training facilities, and the improvement of youth physical fitness through athletics, from the perspective of cutting-edge professional research.

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