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Improving Standards to Promote Product Quality in the Sports Goods Industry

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CSGF Inspection Committee Technical Seminar was held on May 25.
In order to implement the national industrial policy, serve as a bridge between the government and companies, expand international cooperation and information exchange in the sporting goods quality inspection industry, and strive to serve enterprises, industry and government, CSGF Inspection Committee was officially established in 2019 under the leadership of China Sporting Goods Federation.
In the past five years since its establishment, the Inspection Committee has not only expanded the field of standardization work from “product standards” to “management standards” and then to “service standards”, but also played a decisive role in the close cooperation, mutual complementation and implementation of national standards, industry standards and group standards.
The Inspection Committee comprehensively summarized the progress of the key work areas, and set up the work arrangement and other matters of the committee in the next stage.

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