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CSGF & China Baseball Association Jointly Issued the Group Standard “Baseball field functional clay”

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China Sporting Goods Federation (short for CSGF) and China Baseball Association have jointly issued the Group Standard “Baseball field functional clay” which will come into effect on Jan 1, 2024.
“Baseball field functional clay” often refers to "baseball infield dirt". In the past, we identified different playing areas through colors of the dirt. 
This Group Standard specifies the physical properties, heavy metal content, and radioactivity requirements, packaging, labeling, transportation, and storage of infield dirt for laying baseball fields. “Qualified” infield dirt could enhance the safety and comfortability, so as to improve the players’ performance.
CSGF will continue to leverage its experience in the development and management of sporting goods standards to assist China Baseball Association in establishing and improving the standardization system for baseball and provide relevant certification and testing services. The development and implementation of standards will help regulate the industry and promote the development of baseball in China to a higher level.

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