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28% respondents, 52% Gen Z use social media promotions: US survey

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Fifty-two per cent of Gen Z respondents in a survey of 8,000 US consumers said they use social media promotions, compared to 28 per cent of all respondents.
Other promotional media formats Gen Z respondents are significantly more likely to use include product website—53 per cent of Gen Z versus 40 per cent of all respondents, and television—37 per cent of Gen Z versus 27 per cent of all respondents.
Conversely, Gen Z respondents were less likely to use in-store circulars, shopper loyalty coupons, printed coupons and newspapers for promotions than all respondents.
Gen Z respondents had similar likelihood to use the following promotional media channels as all respondents: store website and store loyalty app.
The ‘2024 Shopper Outlook’ survey was conducted by the strategic marketing and analytical research team of CPG Consulting, a division of Advantage Solutions.
Thirty-one per cent respondents always or often use a mobile device to make in-store shopping decisions. This figure almost doubles to 59 per cent among surveyed Target shoppers.
Forty-three per cent respondents say mobile apps and updates are important services that they consider when selecting a retailer. Almost one in four (23 per cent) said they selected their store as they feel it has the best digital/online services, and 74 per cent said the ability to purchase products online directly from a retailer is important.
The three retailers with the highest percentage of surveyed primary shoppers who said they have the best digital app are Amazon (57 per cent), Target (52 per cent) and Walmart (42 per cent).
Fifty-three per cent of respondents use store websites before shopping in stores.

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