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What does the professional triathlon watch that the triathlon heroes know look like?

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Triathlon is a kind of comprehensive competition sport. The competition is composed by the three items in order - natural waters swimming, road bikes and road long-distance running. The athletes need to finish the whole race one-time. The Americans believe that the most exciting and challenging sport is "triathlon", and the Japanese believe that the best embodiment of the national spirit is also the "triathlon".

SUNROAD triathlon watch is designed for the triathlon heroes for their sports training. It can monitor swimming, cycling, running and other detailed professional sports in real time, and it can also monitoring heart rate in real time. Equipped with GPS positioning, compass, gradienter and Bluetooth app, it can sync data to mobile phone for you to share the data of triathlon with your partners.

The SUNROAD triathlon watch will be on display from May 25, 2018 to May 28, 2018 at China Sport Show in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Its booth number is 5.2d166. We look forward to your visiting!

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