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New Balance Announces Long-Term Relationship With Stone Island

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Article From:SGB Media

New Balance and Stone Island, the Italian sportswear brand recently acquired by Moncler, announced a long-term product collaboration.
In the announcement, Carlo Rivetti, Stone Island president and creative director, said: “There are only a limited number of brands that can be referred to as iconic. Stone Island and New Balance have shown that they are of this breed. To exchange concepts and ideas by opening doors to each other’s R&D teams, with the aim to create a great sound product, is exciting and the greatest message we can jointly convey to our audiences.”
“Our collaboration with Stone Island is not only rooted in performance innovation but elevating our mutual values of premium craftsmanship and superior product quality,” New Balance chief marketing officer Chris Davis said. “Both New Balance and Stone Island are independently minded brands with strong aptitudes for calculated risk-taking. We both pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse of culture, elevating our rich heritage and creating authentic brand experiences for our global consumers. We look forward to pushing the boundaries and experimenting with design.”
The first New Balance/Stone Island collab is set to drop later this year.

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