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NGF Report: Golf Equipment Sell-in Still Growing

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Article From:SGB Media
Despite supply chain constraints, shipments from golf equipment manufacturers in 2022 has remained strong, matching last year’s growth, according to the National Golf Foundation (NGF).
Through June, golf club dollar shipments were up 10.2 percent, while golf balls were up 12.1 percent.
Compared to a pre-pandemic base index (using 2019), club and ball sales are collectively up 49 percent.
Some of the rises in dollars are attributable to pricing increases, with units up 3 percent year-to-date versus the year prior.
NGF noted that this, too, is notable considering 2021 clubs and ball units outpaced pre-pandemic numbers by 18 percent.
Joe Beditz, president and CEO National Golf Foundation, wrote, “That’s the story of what’s being sold into the market. In terms of what’s selling through, retailers we have spoken to indicate, generally, that while equipment sales at mid-year are slightly behind last year, they sit significantly ahead of 2019 levels; this has resulted in a slight improvement in retail inventory and has retailers more able to satisfy customer demand.”

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