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US' Green Theme introduces superior footwear protection

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Green Theme Technologies (GTT), the global leader in waterless and PFAS-free textile finishes, is providing high performance, best in class solutions to keep footwear dry. As PFAS bans accelerate across states and in several European countries, GTT is the only brand able to exceed current performance standards while eliminating PFAS from footwear production.
“Green Theme Technology is at the forefront of apparel, footwear, and textile innovation, not just because they are utilising better chemistry, but because of how they are applying it,” said John Frazier, senior technical director with the Hohenstein Institute. “GTT’s EMPEL is applied using a waterless and PFAS-free technology that drives the chemistry into the fabric increasing the performance and durability. GTT’s EMPEL has also worked with Hohenstein to attain Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certification.”
Recently tested and certified as PFAS-free by Bureau Veritas, EMPEL uses no ‘forever chemicals’ in their chemistry, yet still achieves the best water repellent and anti-wicking fabric protection available, the company said in a press release.
Shoes protect the wearer from the wet, dirty ground and therefore demand exceptional performance and durability. Independent testing reveals that GTT’s new anti-wicking tech for shoes outperforms current industry standards for dryness, durability and stain protection, beating all current C6 and C0 treatments.
GTT is currently working with several global footwear brands in the sport and outdoor markets who are seeking superior anti-wicking, stain protection and sustainable performance. Internal evaluation by these brands is delivering outstanding results and footwear featuring the EMPEL anti-wicking tech will be available to the public in 2023.

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