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Report: Golf Apparel Has First Monthly Sales Decline in 18 Months at Specialty

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Golf Datatech reported that July 2023 retail sales for golf apparel at on- and off-course specialty shops in the U.S. posted their first decline in 18 months, decreasing 3.6 percent versus the year-ago July period; however, sales were still 65.6 percent higher than the July 2019 pre-pandemic period.
“After 18 consecutive months of sales improvements, golf apparel sales had their first decline in July of 2023, falling by close to 4 percent,” observed Golf Datatech Co-Founder John Krzynowek, “While any slowdown is reason for concern and focus, it’s important to note that 2023 was the second-highest July ever recorded, and sales remain 57 percent when compared to pre-pandemic levels.”
The July decline follows June 2023 posting the highest monthly sales volume in the U.S. at on- and off-course specialty shops as measured by Golf Datatech.
Year-to-date (YTD), golf apparel retail sales were up 6.3 percent through July at on- and off-course specialty shops in the U.S. and up 56.9 percent versus the 2019 YTD period.
“We’ve been expecting apparel sales to plateau for a few months now, but we made it through the bulk of the 2023 season before reaching a peak and starting to slow. As we head into the Fall, golf retailers are well stocked, and we might see prices start to pull back as inventories are liquidated.”
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