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Italy's booming e-commerce sector sees €71 bn turnover

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With €48 billion in transactions, €71 billion in turnover, and 380,000 employees, e-commerce is a phenomenon of growing importance in Italy and is proving to be a strategic lever of development opportunities for businesses.
Italian companies selling online reported an average increase in turnover of 8.8 per cent, marginality of 8.1 per cent, and exports of 8.1 per cent, thanks to the adoption of e-commerce. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) reap the biggest benefits, reporting an increase in turnover of over 9.3 per cent, margin of over 64 per cent, and over 3 per cent in exports, according to data from a new study carried out by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with Amazon.
Companies selling online also see benefits on the physical channel, in particular in terms of an increase in brand awareness (7 out of 10 companies surveyed), innovation of the offer based on a multichannel experience together with an improvement in after-sales service (6 out of 10 companies), and an expansion of the domestic and foreign customer base (6 out of 10 companies).
If these effects were applied to all Italian companies whose business could be integrated with the digital channel, it could lead to a flywheel boost to Italy’s economy of over €110 billion—6 per cent of GDP in 2022.
The study, entitled ‘The Scenarios of Today and Tomorrow for Competitive Strategies’, was presented at the Cernobbio Forum 2023.

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