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China Sport Show 2023 -Sports Venue and Construction Zone

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China Sport Show 2023 was held on 26-29 May 2023 at Xiamen international Conference and Exhibition Center.
Among them, the number of exhibitors in the Sports Venue and Construction Zone was 323, with an exhibition area of 17,431 square metres - the overall scale of the event exceeded expectations and increased compared with the previous edition. Under the theme of "follow the policy wind field, help national fitness", the Sports Venue and ConstructionZone presents the integrated solution integrated scene effect, which is in line with the policy pointed to the general trend of the construction of sports venues and facilities. 
Regarding the planning and design of the Sports Venue and Construction Zone at China Sport Show 2024, we will re-detail and subdivide it to create a more accurate and professional plate pattern. We will re-launch the product category planning for the secondary category. It is proposed to set up the board of "keeping up with the policy wind field, adapting to the new development direction". For example, we will increase the resources for the content of "Sports Education Integration" and "Youth Sports" in the Scenario Display. And there will be "intelligent sports park" software and hardware enterprises to "integrated cooperation" mode, more directly for unified display, expanding the exhibits of innovation and excellence radiation range.
In conclusion, the Sports Venue and Construction Zone of China Sport Show 2024 will be presented in a comprehensive manner as an integrated collection of “Sports New Infrastructure” with an upstream and downstream closed loop. We look forward to seeing more international brands on the stage of China Sport Show.

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