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Starting from 24th November, Chengdu direct flights to the USA will be resumed

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Starting from 24 November, Sichuan Airlines will resume direct flights from Chengdu to Los Angeles, USA, with two round-trip flights per week. This also represents the official resumption of direct flights from Chengdu to the United States after an absence of three years.
The direct flights from Chengdu, China to Los Angeles, USA are operated on Tuesdays and Fridays, using Airbus A350 aircraft. The flight to Los Angeles will depart Chengdu Tianfu International Airport at 21:00 and arrive at Los Angeles International Airport at 19:15 local time, with a flight time of 14 hours and 15 minutes. The return journey is scheduled to depart from Los Angeles International Airport at 21:15 local time. After a stopover in Hangzhou, you will return to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport at 8:40am Beijing time the following day. The flight time including transit is 19 hours and 25 minutes. It is learnt that the return flight stops at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to replenish fuel supplies. In accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Joint Inspection Unit, passengers are not allowed to disembark in Hangzhou.
According to Chengdu Port Office, Chengdu will be the first city in the western region of China to resume direct passenger flights to the United States after the opening of the Chengdu Tianfu direct flights to Los Angeles on regular non-stop passenger routes. By then, the number of international and regional regular non-stop passenger and cargo routes flying from Chengdu will be refreshed to 65.
The resumption of direct flights is undoubtedly an important benefit for regular trade between China and the United States. For the 41st China Sport Show to be held in Chengdu in 2024, the resumption of direct flights will also bring more popularity and business opportunities to the show.
We look forward to meeting you at the Western Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from 23-26 May to share the global business opportunities brought by the Chinese sports market.

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