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Three Trends of Sporting Goods Industry

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  On 11st of May, China Sport Show is closed in Fuzhou. Through China Sport Show, running, football, intellectualization may become the three tends for sporting goods industry.

  Welcome the Golden Age with Beneficial Policies

  According to the White Paper of Sporting Goods Industry 2014, sporting goods industry has experienced three years of bad times, and it realized two digits increase since 2011 for the first time. The industry will go to the golden age after the release of consumption needs.

  Running and Football Market Segments Are Highlighted

  Exploring on specific area according to different needs is necessary on the way to become international top brands based on the observation of recent trends. For example, children, women goods. Running and football are very eye-catching in this year’s China Sport Show.

  ANTA released “You’re the Runner, Run with me “strategy. New technology includes column elastic rubber, soft column, easy to bend, energy ring, and double socket. This action means ANTA is going to hit the market.

  Similarly, during China Sport Show, Xtep exhibits running project. Ye Qi explains that Xtep is advantageous in running market, and they will strengthen the market on more marketing activities like color run, night run, girls’ run and etc..

  Ye Qi said football is much influenced by objective matters and football league can gain huge profits which will has great potential and consumptions in the future. Football is rising as an important sector of sports industry. Xtep will reallocate the current resources.

  Internet+ Will Improve Sports Experience

  For the future industrial development, both consumer orientated products and technology updates such as intelligent wearable devices, new material technology, and internet+.

  During China Sport Show, domestic brand Lining released the world’s first intelligent football, the Lining WiCore which inserts chips and Bluetooth, wireless charging and APP connections can provide football sports data and analysis display.

  Intelligent shoes, treadmill, equipment, resting detector, badminton, Ping-Pong pitching machine are all show in China Sport Show. SEMS started to invest in intelligent shoes and this time they brought many new defined shoes. Indoor walking shoes and motions sports are significantly experienced by the audience.

  In fact, Helen Ford, Asian Director of World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry also mentioned at the Forum that wearable devices would boost in the future.

  ( Source:Jinjiang Economic News )

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