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2015 China Sport Show Creates New Record of Audience Size

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  On the 11th of May, 2015 China Sport Show held in Fuzhou International Strait Conference & Expo Center brings down the curtain. There are 1,124 participants and over 2000 brands joined the Show. Contract exhibition area reached to 65,000 square meters with over 57% usage rate, 78,000 people joint. Audience reached to 120,000 (10% more than the Wuhan Show). 2015 China Sport Show breaks a historical record and creates a great platform for the industry to communicate. Except for 120 participants of racquets area, other exhibitions all experienced increased participants than previous years. Fitness area occupies half the whole with more than 400 participants. Venue facility and construction area have over 160 participants and increase 6% which is on the top level with regard to participant increase and outdoor skating and bicycle area with 180 exhibitors. It is worthwhile to mention that Fujian local exhibitors reach 118 which also create a new record.

  2015 China Sport Show has 78,000 audiences with over 120,000 person trips. As the first sport show after the issue of “Guiding Opinions on Speeding up the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption” by the State Council, the 2015 Fuzhou China Sport Show attracts the most public concerns and attentions.

  According to the White Paper of Sporting Goods Industry, the sales volume of Chinese sportsgoods including sportswear, shoes, equipment and related manufacture is 241.8 billion, 15.89% increase after eight years of single digit growth since 2011. The proportion in GDP is 0.38% also increased compared with last year. Total export was $20.1 billion in 2014, with $17.86 billion trade surplus and $1.1 billion import, 1.81% increase. Export $18.97 billion, 8.29% increase.

  Mr. Li Hua, Director of China Sports Equipment Administrative Center and Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Sporting Goods Federation, said that the industrial data and conclusion can be positively affect the development and strategy of Chinese sports industry especially in the era of Internet+. During the summit Forum, he also pointed that after three years deep revolution the recovery is coming for the industry, together with beneficial policies, there must be a brand new strategically development phase.

  The new development platform is formed already under beneficial policies and together with the inflection point of the New Normal, the industry can grow well.

  It is been said that the 2016 Show will still in Fuzhou.

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