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【CSGF News】Ms. Xiao Min Elected as New President of China Sporting Goods Federation

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  The 6th General Assembly of China Sporting Goods Federation was held at the General Administration of Sport of China on May 30. New leaders and members of the standing committee were elected. Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the General Administration of Sport, took the post of President of CSGF.

  During the General Assembly, Li Hua, Director of Sports Equipment Administrative Center, made a report on CSGF’s work from 2009 to 2012 and proposed suggestions for the future work. Li Hua was put in as Vice President and Secretary-General of CSGF. In addition, 19 Vice Presidents and 34 members of standing committee were elected.

  Xiao Min said: “Thank you for electing me as the new President. In recent years, the sporting goods industry has been expanding rapidly and making great achievements in developing independent brands, enhancing innovation capabilities, enriching product categories, establishing marketing network and satisfying market demands. The development of sporting goods industry plays an active role in the enlargement of sports industry, development of sport for all and improvement of elite sports, and promotes economic and social development to some extent.”

  Xiao Min also proposed four requirements for CSGF’s functional position and future development: a) the development of infrastructure should be strengthened in order to play a linking role in the industry; b) CSGF should serve the sports cause and promote sports industry development; c) the depth and breadth of CSGF services for the sporting goods industry should be enhanced; d) CSGF should undertake social responsibilities proactively.

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