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【CSGF News】China Sport Show Reflecting the Status Quo of Sporting Goods Industry in China

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  At 2013 China Sport Show, there were fewer traditional sports apparel and shoes brands, and more outdoor goods exhibitors, which from one side reflected the status quo of sporting goods industry development in China.

  The number of sports apparel and shoes enterprises participating in the 2013 China Sport Show was over 180, without well-known domestic brands such as 361, Peak, Xstep. This year is not Olympic year, so there is no concept of Olympic marketing. And out of consideration for cutting spending and adjusting market strategy, many enterprises did not come to the Show.

  In contrast, the number of outdoor goods exhibitors increased rapidly by 30% compared to last year, reaching 106. Among the 6 exhibition zones of 2013 China Sport Show, the outdoor goods enjoyed the biggest increase, which is a reflection of the booming outdoor goods market in China.

  According to statistics from China Textile Commerce Association, the retail sales of China outdoor goods market have increased from 60 million yuan in 2000 to 10.7 billion yuan in 2011, with compound annual growth rate of over 40%. Outdoor goods industry is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors over the past decade. On the other hand, traditional sporting goods industry has been declining significantly in recent years. Therefore, since last year, a lot of sports apparel and shoes brands such as Adidas, Li Ning, Anta, 361, have started to launch their own outdoor products.

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