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【CSGF News】PM2.5 Brings Business Opportunities in China Sport Show 2013

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  According to statistics, there were 25 haze days in Beijing in January. Due to PM2.5, fitness fans went back to gyms or bought some fitness equipment to home, which promoted fitness industry during these recession days.

  400 Fitness Exhibitors

  Mr. Hou Liang, Chief of Fitness, Massage and Rehabilitation Zone of China Sport Show 2013, said to reporters that besides four exhibition halls, Fitness Zone also occupied some parts of the other two halls. The number of fitness exhibitors was out of expectation, which showed that fitness industry was gradually returning. Among more than 400 fitness exhibitors, 220 picked up their booths, while more than 180 were still waiting for the arrangement. Mr. Hou Liang said, “There are so many exhibitors to be arranged. As we want to meet every exhibitor’s demands as much as possible, we hope that some big brands may reduce their exhibition areas. In this way, more enterprises can get exhibition opportunities. We hope that every enterprise takes part in the Show by reason, and their budgets of scientific research are not influenced. Our main goal is that with reasonable marketing plan, every enterprise gets the best brand promotion in the Show.”

  International Buyers and Professional Audiences Are Invited

  Mr. Hou Liang said, “It is because we stick to our main goal and main duty that we can successfully hold China Sport Show during these years. We provide a stage and a fair-play environment for exhibitors, audiences and buyers, with which they cooperate together. More than 200 members of Indian Sporting Goods Export Promotion Council are invited to China Sport Show. Because in India, Pakistan and the Middle East andGulf region, fitness dealers mainly depend on imported fitness equipment, they are target groups. Besides, we visit WFSGI General Secretary who speaks highly of what fitness exhibitions do to Chinese fitness industry. Moreover, European fitness experts will take part in the Fitness Industry Forum and discuss with Chinese experts about the trends of the fitness industry.”

  Four Highlights

  According to Mr. Hou Liang, there are four highlights of China Sport Show. For example, Qiaoshan adds a Fitness System Log procedure into their treadmills. When you input height, weight and age, the treadmill will tell you how long you should run, just like a fitness expert. Qiaoshan also adds a Whole Scene Running function, and you can run in trails or grassland ways. There are many inclines for you, so you can get fun. You also can connect your IPAD and MP3 with the treadmills, and you can listen to your favorite music as you run. BH together with APPLE designs a Customized Fitness Plan system, which will help you count calories and make your own fitness plan. Your IPONE and IPAD can share the system and release the fitness achievements in your micro blog as soon as possible. Guojie designs a massage armchair which you can wirelessly control through local area network. Since Android system and Apple system are compatible with the massage armchair, you can control it with mobile phones or IPAD. You can answer phone calls, play video games and control the massage armchair at the same time. Taichang designs a totally enclosed foot tub, like boots, so you do not need to worry to squeeze out water and spoil your floor. It can not only massage your feet, but also sauna your feet.

  New Products Display Zone

  China Sport Show organizers always put exhibitors first, so besides reporters’ interviews and media promotion, they set up a New Products Display Zone. Mr. Hou Liang said, “We choose 15 enterprises among Fitness Committee members and display their new products in the Zone. In this way, we can also protect their intellectual properties.”

  Mr. Wang Lihong Leads Celebrity Endorsement

  Qiaoshan hires Mr. Wang Lihong as its spokesman for its fitness equipment, which attracts much attention. Due to the characteristics of fitness industry, celebrity endorsement and internet promotion become the main promotion ways of fitness industry. On one hand, pop stars can attract the attentions of target groups and spread the concept of National Fitness on TV. On the other hand, enterprises can reduce promotion cost and invest more on product researches.

  Independent Development Should Meet Market Demands

  Mr. Hou Liang said, “The development of fitness industry should meet market demands. The fitness exhibition of China Sport Show, Chinese Taiwan Exhibition and Germany Exhibition clash, but our exhibitors, scales and influences allow us to pursue independent development. As for the number of exhibitors and the amount of exhibition area, the fitness exhibition of China Sport Show ranks among world top three. With the fast development of Chinese fitness industry, we will independently establish Chinese fitness exhibition in the future.”

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