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【Domestic Information】Ministry of Education to Strengthen School Sports

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  “We should attach great importance to school sports, so as to cultivate a generation of youth who are physically fit and can take a leading role in future.” Said Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education, at Symposium on Implementation of “National Fitness Program” on January 18, 2013. As an important part of“National Fitness Program”, school sports work is an essential livelihood project.

  In 2012, under the leadership of the State Council and with help ofthe General Administration of Sportand related departments, the Ministry of Education made new achievements in promoting “National Fitness Program” at schools. The Ministry of Education cooperated with the General Administration of Sport in organizing school sports activities and carrying out concerning researches, and formulated documents such as “10-year Plan for developing Campus Football”; participated in the inspection of implementation of “National Fitness Program” in some provinces organized by General Administration of Sport; formulated 5-year plan for training PE teachers. Till 2012, over 30 thousand grassroots PE teachers have been trained.

  Meanwhile, The Ministry of Education will strengthen the training of PE teachers when carrying out the National Training Plan.

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