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  1. When was China Sporting Goods Federation founded?

  The Federation was founded in 1993.

  2. What member units does the Federation consist of?

  Regular member companies

  Committee member companies

  Standing committee member companies

  Vice-presidential member companies

  3. How much is the membership fees?

  As stipulated in the Articles of Association of China Sporting Goods Federation ("CSGF"), members are obliged to pay the membership fees on time. To enhance the management over membership fees and rationalize incomes and expenditures, a complete and strict financial management system is thus established. In the spirit of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Sporting Goods Federation takes into account of practical conditions and formulates this measures.

  1) Standards for payment of membership fees

  a. RMB 2,000 per year for regular member companies;

  b. RMB 3,000 per year for committee member companies;

  c. RMB 5,000 per year for standing committee member companies;

  d. RMB 10,000 per year for vice-presidential member companies;

  2) Methods for payment of membership fees

  a. Membership fees shall be paid annually (based on calendar year). The fees in the first year is RMB 2,500, and from the second year onward is RMB 2,000.

  b. Once paid, a receipt of "Standard Receipt for Nationwide Social Organization Membership Fees" will be issued.

  4. What services will be available for the members?

  Get a membership certificate of China Sporting Goods Federation;

  Possess the rights to elect, to be elected, and to vote for CSGF;

  Have the priority to access to all services provided by CSGF, such as information, educational training, consultancy, team survey, etc.

  Have the rights to monitor the activities of CSGF, and make suggestions and advocacies for CSGF;

  Member companies who paid the membership fees for two consecutive years will be entitled a discount of 5% over the booth fees in respect of participating in China Sport Show organized by CSGF;

  Receive the monthly magazine of China Sporting Goods Information issued by CSGF every month.

  If you still have questions, please contact us at your convenience by at 86-10-87108881 ext 435 or at loudanping@sportshow.com.cn. We are happy to assist.

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