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Who is a member?

CSGF applies the system of unit membership. The production, trading and scientific research of sporting goods unites or users who have registered in China, admit the constitution of CSGF and be willing to pay the membership fee, are all allowed to apply for membership.
Member’s rights and duties:

The primary rights of the CSGF members include:
▪ take part in the activities organized by CSGF;
▪ raise proposals and criticism to the CSGF’s work;
▪ have the rights to vote and be voted within CSGF;
▪ the priority to access the information and materials within the proper area;
▪ apply to retreat from the CSGF.
The primary obligations of the CSGF members include:
▪ comply with the CSGF constitution;
▪ pay the membership fee on time annually;
▪ undertake the tasks assigned by CSGF;
▪ support sports activities;
▪ shall not use the word CSGF (neither full nor abbreviation in Chinese / English as well as its logo on any advertisement or products unless has applied in advance in written form and has been approved by CSGF.

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