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"Go out and come in"—China Sporting Goods Federation and ISO/TC 83 established a long-term cooperation mechanism

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Invited by International Standards Organization Technical Committee in Sports and Leisure Facilities and Equipment (for short: ISO/TC 83), on November 9, the delegation of China Sporting Goods Federation visited its office building in Berlin, and the two sides made in-depth communication on the status and development prospects of the standardization.

During the meeting, the representative of China Sporting Goods Federation first briefly introduced the organization structure, work result of the standardization and the constitution of China’s National Sporting Goods Standards Technical Committee, and after that, they made the brief explanation on the organization structure and main business of China Sporting Goods Federation, which also functions as the secretariat of TC291.

General Secretary of TC83, Mrs. Anda, greeted the delegation of China Sporting Goods Federation and noted that during the ten years since TC291 (National Sports Standards Technical Committee) was established, it helped draft 35 national standards and the results of their relevant research work impressed her very much. She also said that, in artificial grass, football, basketball, volleyball related equipment or in the formulation of a number of common standards, it has accumulated a lot of experience and these standards also laid a foundation for the transformation to International standards. In addition, Secretary of the sixth group of TC83 Mr. Gabler also made a detailed introduction to the standard work flow, funding source and work direction of German Standardization Association, and put forward more suggestions on the work of standardization of Chinese sporting goods in light of the development trend of International standardization.

The two sides initially agreed to cooperate in the future in the following areas:

i. Exchanging standard information;

ii. Transforming China’s sports products and service standards into International standards;

iii. Participating in the major activities of both sides;

iv. Propagating and implementing activities of ISO-related International standards during China Sport Show.

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