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The symposium on safety management standard for ski site was held in Qingdao

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On November 16, 2017 and November 17, 2017, sponsored by China Sporting Goods Federation, undertaken by Qingdao Impulse Health Technology Co. Ltd., the symposium on safety management standard for ski site was held as scheduled in Qingdao. Nearly 20 experts participated in this symposium, who are from enterprises such as Taishan, Wind, Shua, AKD and institutions such as China National Sport Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Shandong Sport Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The symposium was held under the background of large participants of the current ice and snow sports but the standards vary in different places. The upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics will add International standards, Chinese characteristics and high position to the development of China's ice and snow sports industry, Luo Jie said at the symposium. The convening of this standard symposium is just in time and all parties should fully communicate in a higher level to constantly improve the standard system of ice industry based on security and innovation, so as to lead the upgrading of the industry.

During the meeting, the experts took the "National Ice and Snow Sports Safety Standardization Research Project" as the starting point, held in-depth discussions focusing on the term definitions and requirements in "Ski Site Safety Management Norm".

During the same period, Science and Technology Standard Department of China Sporting Goods Federation explained the formulating process of standards for the first batch of companies that declare group standards and discussed the draft of the group standard-"General Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Simulated Rink”. It also discussed the draft framework and research direction of the group standard-"Technical Norms for Construction of Intelligent Fitness Site".

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