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The Badminton and Tennis Zone of China Sport Show: Professional Environment and Customer Experience

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  China Sport Show 2013 will be held in Beijing New International Exhibition Center on May 31st –June 3rd, 2013. As the oldest and the most influential sporting goods exhibition, it has attracted much attention. The Badminton and Tennis Zone of China Sport Show reflects the development of Chinese badminton and tennis industry.

  New Ideas

  Chinese badminton and tennis market is stable; so is the Badminton and Tennis Zone of China Sport Show. Without any professional badminton and tennis exhibition, we are the only one that has a lot of loyal customers. It is a custom for them to take part in China Sport Show. We will add some new elements in 2013. For example, we will set up OEM exhibition zone for those manufacturers. More features, more interactivity, and more participants.

  OEM Exhibition Zone

  Due to the economic recession, OEM enterprises experience hard times, so they have to further explore domestic market. They can produce what customers want in a short time and at a low price. However, they lack brand promotion and customer network. Therefore, China Sport Show can provide what they need.

  No Conflicts between OEM Enterprises and Other Exhibitors

  Not only distributors need OEM enterprises’ products, but also big brands need OEM enterprises. Big brands cannot manufacture all kinds of products, so OEM enterprises can help them produce some products. Besides the cooperation, OEM enterprises mainly focus on low-level market demands while big brands target high-level market demands.

  Find OEM Exhibitors

  OEM enterprises usually do not pay attention to promotion and locate in the downtown, so it is difficult to collect their data. However, they usually gather in some area and form a industrial base. For example, in Fuyang district of Hangzhou, if single enterprise takes part in the Show, the promotion may not be good. We are thinking that enterprises in Fuyang form a group and together take part in the Show.

  Some Brands’ Hitch-hike during China Sport Show

  Besides some badminton and tennis brands, other brands also hitchhike during China Sport Show. For example, they hold their ordering meetings during China Sport Show in order to save their costs and attract their customers. In some way, this shows the great influences of China Sport Show. We cannot forbid them to do these hitch-hike things. To solve this, we need to further improve the influences and unsubstitutability of China Sport Show.

  We may invite more trade audiences and audiences from remote areas and other countries, who cannot be invited to hitch-hike meetings. Moreover, these ordering meetings lack the professional atmosphere of China Sport Show. The participation in the Show is the reflection of their brands’ power.

  New Audience Interaction

  In these years, we pay much attention to audiences’ participation. With more audiences’ participation, more enterprises want to take part in our interactive activities. For example, we organize a Try to Play Arena, through which many enterprises want to promote their products. Last year, a LED manufacturer sponsored our interactive activities.

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