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Outdoor Industry Committee of CSGF Donated PPE to EOG

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With the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, Europe has taken positive and effective measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic on society. Europe's outdoor industry has also been hit hard. As industry representative, The European Outdoor Industry Association (EOG) has been working hard for the industry. Due to the shortage of epidemic prevention equipment, General Secretary of EOG recently addressed a letter to the Secretariat of Outdoor Industry Committee (OIC) of China Sporting Goods Federation, seeking for assistance.

Arne Strate, General Secretary of EOG sharing information of European outdoor industry with Chinese counterparts

After receiving EOG's letter, OIC has paid great attention to it. Steve Huang, Chairman of the committee, urged the Secretariat to prepare for the materials and confirm with the logistics.
Under the tight situation of China's personal prevention equipment and strict export restrictions, Mr. Jun Li, General Secretary of OIC, with assistance of member company representatives such as Mr. Mao Huanjun, Mr. Guo Haitao and Mr. Lv Qiding, found solution for the logistic problems, and delivered the materials to destination on 27th May, 2020. Along with the PPE products was a letter from OIC to express friendship and spirit of co-operation between the two organizations just as Heinrich Heine said in his poem.

Steve Huang, Chairman of Outdoor Industry Committee of China Sporting Goods Federation (right) and Arne StrateGeneral Secretary of EOG (left)
Steve said, OIC has been and will always be working together with OIG and other overseas counterparts on industry survey, exhibition, marketing, environment protection and technology to promote development of the industry. In face of the big challenge, we should tide over the difficulties hand in hand.
Mr. Jun Li, General Secretary said that the donation is only a start for the co-operation to fight with crisis. We are facing impact on industry in addition to health and safety threads. The two organizations should work together in the new norm for promoting the industry. OIC is willing to share our experience on returning to work and reopen the business.
Background Information
Outdoor Industry Committee, China Sporting Goods Federation

Outdoor Industry Committee is a branch of China Sporting Goods Federation. It is a national and non-profit industrial organization composed by companies, organizations or individuals engaged in research, development, manufacturing, services of outdoor industry technology and products on voluntary basis. 
To promote Chinese outdoor industry;
To provide service for the members and for the government as a communication platform;
To advocate the members to abide by Constitution, laws, regulations and policies and the social morals;
To carry out industry policies, to perform the functions entrusted by the government, and to assist on management of the industry;
To establish the self-discipline mechanism of the industry and to ensure the rights and interests of the members;
To communicate with international counterparts, industry organizations and experts in name of Chinese outdoor industry for co-operation and information sharing. 
At present, OIC has carried out project and work such as standard revision, industry training, forums and workshops, contests, survey and so on.
European Outdoor Group

The EOG was founded in 2003 for the common interest of European outdoor industry. Now it has 110 members, which are main active and well-known outdoor brands and organizations. 
Key areas of EOG activity include:
Sustained, in depth and representative market research
Coordination and promotion of responsible industry practices
Industry workshops and networking events
Collaboration with trade shows
Co-operation with national trade associations
Co-operation with European decision makers
Promotion of best practice in all areas of the sector


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