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China Sport Show Reflects the Development Trends of Sporting Goods Indu

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  On the opening ceremony of the 30th China Sport Show on May 18, 2012, Mr. Motoi Oyama, WFSGI President, expressed his high value on the sporting goods industry in China and revealed his views on its development trends.

  “With fast development of Chinese economy and increasing participation of sport, china has become the most important manufacturing base of sportswear, sports shoes and equipment. Chinese domestic brands are competing with international brands. And Chinese domestic market is experiencing a retail restructuring period which will have an important impact on retails of sporting goods.” remarked Mr. Motoi Oyama.

  Sport for all promoting business

  Mr. Motoi Oyama said he was impressed by the popularity of the fitness and wellness exhibition zone, and the exhibition of Olympics-related factors.

  “Sport for all and competitive sport are the two directions of sports development and also the target markets of sporting goods enterprises. The development of sport for all has improved the sports consumption level in China. In Beijing, it feels good to see so many people exercising at squares, parks and fitness corners. Likewise, the Japanese government attaches great importance to sport for all, especially school sports. In addition, the demonstration effect of sports stars such as appearance of Yao Ming at the opening ceremony is important.”

  Localization strategy

  The huge potential of Chinese market has attracted a great many international sporting goods brands. Meanwhile, some domestic sportswear brands like Lining, Anta have begun to foster international brands. Regarding this, the advice from Mr. Motoi Oyama is to implement the localization strategy when going global.

  Mr. Motoi Oyama took an example of the cushion hardness of sports shoes. Americans prefer soft shoes, but Germans are just the opposite. Moreover, Chinese consumers do not ask much for specialty of sports shoes and apparel while consumers at abroad have a higher demand for the product functions. Therefore, Chinese enterprises still need to do some homework.

  Products “made in China” with high quality

  20 years ago, the “World Factory” was located in China, taking over from Korea and Japan, which has completed their industrial transformation after many twists and turns. Nowadays, China is also standing in the critical period of industrial restructuring. Will the world center of sporting goods manufacturing turn to Southeast Asia or South Asia? “Products made in China are no longer of low costs. The sophisticated production techniques and comprehensive management systems cannot be achieved by countries like Vietnam or Indonesia. Therefore, lots of products with high quality will still be manufactured in China.” answered Mr. Motoi Oyama.

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