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Exchanges among Domestic Brands Mr. Ma Jilong: China Sport Show Serves as a Perfect Platform of Exchanges among Domestic Brands

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  “After over 20 years’ continuous development, China Sport Show has become more of a grand gathering of sports industry instead of only a single sporting goods expo, because some activities related to sports culture and sports economy have been included in the Show.” Mr. Ma Jilong, Director-General of China Sports Equipment Administrative Center, said when he was interviewed by reporters on the site of the 30th China Sport Show.

  Industry Report to be more authoritative

  On this China Sport Show, for the first time, CSGF issued a sporting goods industry report, which summarizes and analyzes the current situation and developing trend of sporting goods industry in China, and releases sports-related statistics from three aspects including sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment.

  In this report, the sporting goods industry was only classified into 3 sections: sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment, which has some limitations. In the future, more statistics from government departments and listed enterprises will be collected and further classified and analyzed, to form a more authoritative report. In the next few years, a more scientific and comprehensive sporting goods industry report will come out.

  An expansive platform of exchanges

  According to Mr. Ma Jilong, China Sport Show plays an active role in the development of sporting goods industry in China, providing an excellent platform for fostering and promoting domestic brands. In China, the sporting goods industry accounts for over 80% of the sports industry. And the share of sports industry in GDP has increased from 0.2% to 0.5%. Although not a pillar industry of national economy, the sports industry has achieved great progress from scratch and still has large room for improvement.

  China Sport Show also releases variety of information to enterprises through forums and demonstrations. Meanwhile, it acts as a bridge between domestic and international sports brands. Through this platform, sports brands have expanded their influence among consumers at home and also opened markets abroad. At present, the sporting goods production in China accounts for more than 60% of the sporting goods market in the world.

  Development with Chinese characteristics

  Not like Adidas, Chinese domestic sports enterprises did not link themselves with specific sports events or focus on the high-end market from the beginning. On the contrary, most enterprises targeted the mass consumer market as a start. After they have accumulated a certain sum of capital, they will touch upon big sporting events, famous sports organization, endorsement of well-known athletes and sponsoring sports teams, etc. With different cultural backgrounds, the development paths will vary.

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