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New National Standards Reflect Industry Self-Regulation Rules

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  It is well known that outdoor fitness facility is simple and need just a little technology, so many small businesses involve in due to low access and plenty of social requirements and most of them are high energy and low cost factories without R&D, which usually copy others and occupy market by low price and go against with human health.

  How to deal with it? Outdoor Fitness Facility Technology Federation debuted on 2010 Sports Show in the way of be closing to the nature and showed the theory of health, environment protection, science and technology and creation. In the view of industry development and human health, some corporations help to bring out the new national standards and stop the price battle with sense of social responsibility.

  At the same time, GB19272-2011《General Security Requirements For Outdoor Fitness Facility》national standards (hereinafter referred to as “new national standards”) have been in effect for almost one year. Based on the corporations, “new national standards” benefit the common people and are models for the Chinese sporting goods industry standards.

  New national standards’ appearance and implement reflect industry self-regulation. From the merchants-recruiting work for fitness massage and rehabilitation equipment area of the Sports Show, this industry experiences a huge leap development, with the number of enterprises over 400; exhibition area increases yearly and occupies almost half of the Sports Show, while 2 or 3 oversea brands enter into Chinese market through Sports Show platform every year.

  As the fierce competition, except for standards, industry self-regulation is needed to guarantee the healthy development. The “new national standards” will regulate the outdoor fitness facility industry and producers that own advanced technology try to improve product quality and security. For them, a set of unified regulations on product standards is unpractical, but it is necessary to build a set of market management rules.

  2013 Sports Show merchants-recruiting has begun, we are glad to see the positivity of exhibitors who will show their hi-tech and low-carbon products and we hope to lead the industry to develop healthily and turn “made in China” to “created by China” through Sports Show.

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