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China Sport Show Signed Cooperation Agreement with Fearless International Fitness Academy

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  To enrich activities of Fitness exhibition of China Sport Show 2017 and to attract more insiders and enthusiasts of fitness to visit China Sport Show, on 28th December 2016, Organizer of China Sport Show visited Fearless International Fitness Academy. The two parties signed cooperation agreement on holding China Sport Show·Fearless Bodybuilding , Fitness and Bikini Contest. Mr. Luo Jie, General Secretary of China Sporting Goods Federation, Mr. Wang Qiang, Director of Fearless Academy was present at the signing ceremony.

  Mr. Luo made a speech on the ceremony. He made a brief introduction on China Sport Show 2017. He mentioned that the fitness exhibition, which covered half area of China Sport Show, will be divided to commercial fitness equipment zone, household fitness equipment zone and national fitness facility zone. The co-operation with Fearless Academy on the fitness contest will be a new attempt to combine exhibition with activities and to build new event brand.

  Both parties considered the co-operation a big and meaningful step for their own development. The co-operation will last for three years.

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